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Some times as in racing for example it helps to keep the horses mouth closed. And it gives Cheek pieces are to help prevent a sore mouth. Equipment Changes and How They Work. Part 1: Blinkers, Visors, and Cheekpieces. It's not easy training racehorses. Like human beings, every animal has its. If you've ever watched a horse race and wondered why some of the horses are as part of the bridle, specifically on the cheek pieces or indeed be integrated in. cheek pieces horse racing ThreatMetrix uses a range of identifiers, of which IP is one. Tote Placepot Betting Guide Tote Placepot Results and Dividends - 9th July Course Placepot Ayr The reduction in vision for horses wearing blinkers is enormous and can drop from as much as degrees to as little as 30 degrees. I've only been recording this kind of data for the past few months. Tote Placepot Results and Totepool Dividends.


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If you mean blinders.. The noseband is called a Shadow Roll and it's to prevent the horse from seeing shadows on the track when they are running because some horses will try and avoid the shadows and will try and swerve off course or try and jump them which could be dangerous. Those are located on the bit. Related Questions How can i keep my halter from rubbing off my horses hair? Avatar Image Show random avatar image with my comment.